Cytosketch provides a button for merging images. To merge, select the images and click the Merge button Merge. Cytosketch automatically merges the selected images if each channel has a unique color. If two or more channels have the same color, a simple merge dialog appears for manually selecting the channels.

Merge Images

  1. Select the images to merge and click the Merge button Merge or press the M key.
  2. If two or more channels have the same color, the merge dialog appears.
  3. To select the channels to merge either:
    • Click the eye icons Eye of the desired channels.
    • Click Select Automatic, to automatically select the brightest channel for each color.
    • Click Select All, to select all channels form each image.
  4. To deselect all channels click Select None.
  5. Click Merge to merge the channels.
Tip: Change Channel Color

To change the color of the channel click the Color button Color in the Adjust Image Control box and choose a new color from the drop down list.

Below is a short movie that shows how to merge images