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Reference Sheet

This reference sheet provides an overview of all the keyboard shortcuts that are available and some help full tips for working with Cytosketch. You can also find the short cuts in the menu next to each item and in the tool tip text.

Ctrl + N New Create a new canvas
Ctrl + O Open a Cytosketch file
Ctrl + S Save Save a Cytosketch file
Ctrl + I import Image Import
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z undo Undo
Ctrl + Y redo Redo
Short Cuts to Change the Zoom
= zoom in Zoom in
- zoom out Zoom out
Q zoom image 1 to 1 Zooms image to 1 to 1
W zoom to image Zoom to image
E zoom to selection Zoom to the selection
R zoom to everything Zoom to figure
D zoom one to one Zoom 1 to 1
M merge Merges the images that are selected
, split Splits an image into the separate channels
T background Activates the area background tool
B brightness Activates the area brightness tool
Ctrl + T Auto Background
Ctrl + B Auto Brightness
Ctrl + G Auto Adjust
Ctrl + R Resets selected images to original values
Short Cuts to Turn Channels On and Off
Number Shows one channel only
Shift + Number Toggles the channel on and off
~ To show all channels again
Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Channel: Red Channel Green Channel Blue Channel Magenta Channel Cyan Channel Yellow Channel Grey Channel

Tips and Tricks

This section describes some useful tips and tricks for working with Cytosketch.


Keep shift pressed to use the tool multiple times. To exit the tool, press Esc or click the Select button pointer.

Shift can be used with the following tools:

enum_tool Enumeration
pan_icon Pan
background Background
brightness Brightness

Un-proportionally Resizing

To un-proportionally resizing an image, keep Ctrl pressed while resizing the image.


Right click on the image to display the image legend.