Unregister License Offline

Cytosketch provides a wizard to unregister the licenses offline. First an offline request file has to be generated which then needs to be opened in a web browser on a computer with internet access.

As soon as the offline request file has been generated, Cytosketch becomes a viewer. To use the fully functional version again you have to register the license again.

Steps to Unregister License

  1. Start Cytosketch.
  2. In the menu bar, click Help and select Unregister and the License dialog appears.
  3. Select the Offline radio button and click OK.
  4. Unregister License Offline GUI
  5. Select the location to write the offline request file to and click Next.
  6. Unregister License Offline Select
  7. Take the cytosketch_offline_request.html to a computer that is connected to the internet and open it in a web browser.
  8. Unregister License Offline GUI
  9. On the web page that appears, click Submit.

The unregistration process is now complete and you can re-register the license on a different computer.

If you experience problems with registering the license, please complete the Request Information and Support and a Cytocode representative will get in contact with you.